NAHASDA is the acronym for the Native American Housing and Self Determination Act, the federal legislation that provides for housing funds to Indian tribes and for the regulation of how those funds are spent. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides our NAHASDA funding. The Tribe’s grant representatives from HUD’s Southern Plains Office of Native American Programs (SPONAP) in Oklahoma City oversee the Tribe’s performance and offer technical support.

NAHASDA funds are intended to place and maintain Indian families in safe, standard housing. The Shawnee Tribe has fulfilled this goal in the past by providing both emergency assistance and rehabilitation assistance.There are strict income guidelines and must live or be moving within a 100 mile radius of the tribal headquarters to qualify. If you have specific questions please contact Joy Shockley at the office.

NAHASDA emergency assistance helps an Indian family with:

  • "move in” assistance; the Tribe will assist with first months rent, deposit, and utility deposits
  • rent/mortgage payments if an eviction or foreclosure is underway
  • utility bills up to when a shut-off notice has been received (electric, water/sewage, gas)
  • propane purchases




Joy Shockley

Tribal Funded Program Specialist

(918) 542-2441 ext. 105