Shawnee Tribe Welcomes New Administrative Assistant

Team Shawnee welcomes new hire Ashley Shawnee as the new Administrative Assistant. 

My name is Ashley Shawnee. I am the new…

Wrap-Up: 2022 Annual General Council Weekend

The 2022 Shawnee Tribe Annual General Council Weekend included a community dinner and stomp dance in addition to the General Council Meeting…

Team Shawnee Welcomes Stacey Halfmoon

Ms. Halfmoon currently serves as the Shawnee Tribe Executive Director of Cultural and Historic Preservation. She supports the Shawnee Tribe…

MEET THE CANDIDATES - Business Council Election 2022

The Fourth Seat, Seventh Seat, and Treasurer’s Seat are up for election at the Annual General Council Meeting on Saturday, September 17 at…

Shawnee Tribe's Gaming Commission Welcomes New Hires

The Gaming Commission welcomed new hires this summer in Guymon, OK. 

Huston Garcia (Administrative Assistant) -

Hello! My name is Huston…

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