Citizen Enrollment

To enroll as a citizen of the Shawnee Tribe, you or your ancestor(s) must be listed on one of the following Shawnee Rolls:

  1.  Roll of June 9, 1871
  2.  Wallace Roll of Cherokee-Shawnee of 1883
  3.  Roll of March 12, 1889 (25 Stat.994)
  4.  Dawes Allotment records (defining Shawnees) of Cherokee Nation
  5.  Base Roll of the Shawnee Tribe as approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, September 15, 2001


  1. Your ancestor(s) received allotment within the Shawnee Reservation in Kansas Territory through the treaty of 1854 as evidenced by a copy of a restricted land patent on file in the Johnson, Douglas, or Shawnee County Kansas Courthouse.

Additionally, you must submit an enrollment application and attach the following documentation:

  1. Original state certified birth certificate for yourself and birth/death certificate your ancestors, connecting you to a person who meets the above criteria
  2. Your Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) card showing that you are Shawnee-Cherokee (if available)

Your completed application will be reviewed by the Shawnee Tribe Enrollment Committee and forwarded to the Shawnee Tribal Business Council for certification. The Enrollment Committee and Business Council reserve the right to request additional documentation if deemed appropriate in order to meet the citizen eligibility requirements.

Once you have the appropriate records, please email enrollment@shawnee-tribe.com to request application paperwork.

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Tribal Enrollment Officer
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