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PK-12 School Clothing Reimbursement Program

Program Guidelines Updated June 9, 2022!
  • All Shawnee children are eligible to receive between $100 and $400 in reimbursement assistance.
  • Shawnee Tribal citizens, age 4 years or older must be enrolled in a State certified Head Start program or Pre-K through 12th grade.
  • The household gross income that the student lives in will determine award amount.
  • Student location or dual citizenship status will not be used to determine applicant eligibility. All program assistance will be awarded as funding is available. Incomplete applications are not guaranteed consideration.




Program Overview & Eligible Expenses:
  • The Tribe will assist all qualifying citizen students with an amount between $100-$400 for clothing and shoes.
  • The school clothing allowance is to be used to purchase only school clothing, shoes or uniforms.
  • If misuse of the school clothing fund(s) is reported to the Shawnee Tribe, the Social Services Department will do a full investigation of the offense which may result in ineligibility for future assistance.
  • All clothing purchases receipts are to be turned in before September 15, 2022.
  • Receipts must include the child’s name and their citizenship number on the top of the original receipt and can be mailed or dropped in the dropbox at headquarters attention to Social Services Department. (Must be original receipt)
  • Reimbursement checks will be written in $100 increments with the exception of the final check.
  • All checks will take up to 14 days processing and may take up to 14 additional days for USPS mail service. Approved applicants will have the option to pick up their assistance check from the Social Services Department with a valid state ID during regular office hours once the check is ready for pick-up.
  • Expenses from January 1, 2022 onward are eligible for consideration, and all receipts must be turned in no later than September 15, 2022.
  • Applications will be processed as they are received. Incomplete applications are not guaranteed consideration.
Required Documents & How to Apply:
  • Completed & signed application must be submitted by the parent/legal guardian (Adults with custody of Shawnee Children will need their most current court documents or DHS approval letters of verification showing they have custody or guardianship)
  • Proof of school enrollment
  • Proof of Shawnee Tribe citizenship
  • Copies of pay stubs, prior year tax return(s), or other proof of gross household income


Applications and required documentation may be submitted via email, mail, or in person at Shawnee Tribe Headquarters. Please contact Mikah or Joshua at at (918) 542-2441, x129 with questions or to begin the application process. 

Application Packet

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29 S Hwy 69A, Miami, OK  74354

918-542-2441 EXT - 129,133

Indian Child Welfare

The mission of the Shawnee Tribal: Indian Child Welfare program is to restore and strengthen Native American Families. To this end, we are committed to providing family centered strength-based services. Keeping with the Indian Child Welfare Act, the Shawnee Tribe Believes that children have the right to be raised in their own families, communities, and culture. We also believe that families are their primary source of love and affection for their children and their first and most effective connection to tribal culture.

We believe that all families have the right to self-determination. Our involvement with the families is to support, encourage, guide, and enhance the strengths that each family already has. In home services, follow up, and referrals are all vital resources to the family’s success. Safety and permanency of our Shawnee children is paramount. The well-being of the children and their families is the driving force of service delivery. Stable families and happy children result in healthy communities. To this end, we will strive to improve program services, and the overall child welfare system of the Shawnee Tribe.

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Preserving Safe & Stable Families

Funding for the PSSF Program is authorized by Title IV, Part B(2), of the Social Security Act (as amended by The Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006, P.L. 109-432, effective June 20, 2007). More information about Title IVB can be found at

Title IV, Part B, subpart 2 is intended to enable States to develop and establish, or expand, and to operate coordinated programs of community-based family support services, family preservation services, time-limited family reunification services, and adoption promotion and support services. These services are supposed to prevent child maltreatment among families at risk through the provision of supportive family services, to assure children’s safety within the home and preserve intact families in which children have been maltreated when the family’s problems can be addressed effectively, to address the problems of families whose children have been placed in foster care so that reunification may occur in a safe and stable manner in accordance with the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997, and to support adoptive families by providing support services as necessary so that they can make a lifetime commitment to their children.

In operating its PSSF Program, the Shawnee Tribe’s services are required to satisfy the intentions of Oklahoma’s Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 by directly providing services to children and by providing educational and informational activities that improve children’s welfare. Because the funding is state-based, a tribe can serve only residents of the state in which it is headquartered. This is the reason why PSSF funding is available only to Oklahoma residents, and why direct services are available only to Shawnee Tribe members.

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Indian Child Welfare Director

32 A St. SE, Miami, OK  74354

918-542-2441 EXT -.123