Tribal Reopening Amidst COVID-19 Safely (TRACS)

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, the Shawnee Tribe will move back into Phase 2 of a safe reopening plan. Attached is the updated Tribal Reopening Amidst COVID-19 Safely (TRACS) policy. Tribal leadership and the Emergency Management Officer continue to evaluate the current data and track the COVID-19 case status trends in Ottawa and Texas county.

Shawnee Tribe Phase 2 quick reference:

  • Single visitor access to ST facilities is permitted – masks and temperature screenings required
  • Additional guidance for fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated employees
  • Travel restrictions slightly modified
  • Social distancing is essential! Please do not congregate in common areas or individual offices.
  • Extend grace to our citizens, elders, each other, and yourself! The pandemic has been challenging for all. Many of Shawnee citizens & staff have suffered sickness, loss, and tragedy during this past year. Please remember to be patient, compassionate, positive, and considerate as we begin to engage in face-to-face interactions once again.
  • Extra considerations for high-risk/vulnerable groups: Please be mindful that some of the Shawnee staff and/or their family members fall into the high-risk or vulnerable category, as defined by CDC. We ask that everyone error on the side of caution while working on-site, specifically when interacting with team members falling in this category.