Emergency Management Attends the 8th Tribal Training Week at the Center for Domestic Preparedness

In March, Corey Collett, the Program Director of the Shawnee Tribe's Office of Emergency Management, attended the 8th Tribal Training Week, Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, AL. Designed to provide tribal nations with the necessary tools and resources to prepare for and respond to emergencies and disasters, the training provided an opportunity to enhance emergency management skills and network with over 250 professionals from 70 tribal nations across America.

"One of the highlights of the week was the opportunity to meet with other emergency management directors from various tribal nations," said Collett. "Through these conversations, I was able to learn about their successful initiatives and also the challenges other tribes are facing in emergency management, and I gained a wealth of new ideas and perspectives."

Throughout the week, some of the best instructors in the United States shared their expertise on topics such as threat and hazard identification and risk assessment (THIRA), business continuity planning, and active shooter mitigation and response. Additionally, guest lecturers provided valuable insights into how federal requirements may be applied in a meaningful and beneficial manner for tribal nations.

Collett has already begun applying the new resources he gained from the training program as he continues building the Shawnee Tribe's Office of Emergency Management policies and procedures. His current focuses include developing emergency response plans that prioritize continuity of tribal business and reflect the tribe's unique needs and challenges, and establishing partnerships with other government agencies and stakeholders.

"I am excited to move our emergency management program forward with confidence and a renewed commitment to protecting and serving the Shawnee Tribe and its people," said Collett.


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