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Shawnee Tribe Welcomes New Hires!

Team Shawnee welcomes its most recent recruits -

Joshua Shawnee – March 10, 2022 (start date), Administrative Assistant 

Joshua Shawnee…

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Chief Barnes Testifies to West Virginia Senate on Bill 705

If passed, the “Creating WV Native American Tribes Unique Recognition, Authentication, and Listing Act,” would undermine Tribal sovereignty…

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Eight New Services Available to Shawnee Tribe Citizens

The Shawnee Tribe is now accepting applications for eight new citizen programs, including emergency home repairs, handicap accessibility…

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Chief Barnes Op-Ed:

Groups claiming to be tribal sovereigns has reached a new level of concern for the Shawnee Tribe and other tribal nations.

The Shawnee Tribe has a long, proven, and unbroken history. Although the U.S. government forced us to operate within the confines of the Cherokee Nation, our government never ceased to exist. That is why, 21 years ago, Congress acknowledged our sovereignty and restored our government-to-government relationship with the United States.

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